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We offer all kinds of Tours at Giardini. 

Whether you would like a detailed and knowledgeable tour of the award winning Giardini. A walking tour that takes you into the Vineyards to sample different wines. Or an exicting and memorable tour of the area driving a Fiat Cinquecento - Giardini Pistola offers rewarding tours and excursions. 

Bookable Sessions

  • Guided Tour of the Giardini with Michele
    Guided Tour of the Giardini with Michele
    Plusieurs dates
    dim. 26 mai
    Provincia di Brindisi
    Let our guide Michele tell the story of how the Giardini Pistola came into existence, the inspiration, about the Chelsea Flower Show 2023 Award Winning Designers Urquhart Hunt. Over 45mins to an hour get a terrace by terrace guide to the plants, flowers and trees of the Giardini Pistola.
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For the traveler seeking an authentic and original exploration of the Puglian territory, we orchestrate private tours aboard carefully restored and perfectly functioning vintage Fiat 500s. Wandering through the roads of Puglia in an Italian icon of excellence, everything becomes an unforgettable experience.

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