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17th Jun 2021

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like the smell of lavender, it’s sweet yet floral and is rarely overpowering.

For a plant that smells so good, you’d certainly forgive it if it wasn’t the prettiest but I think you’d be hard to find a person that looks over a lavender field and isn’t even a little in awe of its beauty.

Lavender based products have become more and more common in the last 10 years, from cosmetics carrying it’s scent to garden centres doing it as the next backyard must have. However, few talk about the several health benefits that this wonder plant can have:



Lavender is synonymous with sleep but have you ever thought why this may be? Why do we associate the smell with rest so much? The reason is less to do with sleep and more to do with the relaxation that leads to sleep. The smell of lavender releases the same chemical in our brains that we associate with feeling relaxed.

This makes lavender the perfect bedside buddy if you’re someone that struggles to wind down in the evening.


Lavender has cropped up in major tea brands in the last few years and for good reason. Not only does it taste delicious in a sweet tea but it can actually aid digestion and help though suffering with IBS or other stomach issues with their symptoms.

Lavender certainly isn’t one of those healthy foods that  you have to force into your daily diet. It’s easy to forget this floral and delicious plant is good for you too.


Skin saviour

Not only does lavender have a calming effect on your body, it seems to also have the same impact when it comes to using the flower on your skin. It’s suggested that using skincare products infused with lavender can help calm acne and eczema.

Overall, lavender is a natural and holistic ingredient that can have many benefits when incorporated into your life. From just being around it, drinking it or using it topically, there is something in this beautiful purple flower for you.

It may go without saying but lavender, like any products, is best when it’s grown organically. Farms like the one at Tenuta Pistola are ideal locations for lavender to grow and means that the lavender infused products that they sell are of the highest quality.

As garden and house plant enthusiasts will know, lavender is difficult to grow unless it’s under the right conditions and truly taken care of. However, this means that when it’s done properly, the end result is a product that looks and smells great as well as providing many other benefits in our lives.

Those who grow, treat and harvest the lavender at Tenuta Pistola have perfected their craft and when you purchase from them during your visit to their farm shop, you help them continue to cultivate this beautiful and useful powerhouse of a plant.

Join us for our upcoming lavender workshops, where we work with local pharmacists to show us the perfect blend for our lavender soap making classes, every Sunday

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Author: Liam Parker

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