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Exploring the Hidden Gems of Puglia: A Guide to Days Out in Italy's Southern Region of Puglia

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What better way to stretch those out-of-use travel muscles than with a trip to Puglia, Italy.

Sitting in the heel of Italy’s boot, the province of Puglia enjoys the Mediterranean climate with mild, sunny temperatures all year round. Surrounded by glorious blue waters and holding some of the country’s most beautiful cities and towns, there really is so much to do in one day.

Even if your hotel has a complimentary breakfast, when in the beautiful Puglia, it’s never a bad idea to start the day with breakfast in one of the many beautiful cafe/bakeries. There is nothing quite like having your first coffee of the day watching one of the many Puglian towns go by.

After a delicious breakfast, and your caffeine fix for the morning, you likely still have a few hours of morning ahead of you. What better way to spend them than on one of Puglia’s glorious beaches before the midday sun and crowds hit.

There are several beaches along the South East Coast of Italy, from white sandy ones to the more secluded stoney ones, the choice is truly yours. Take a pre-lunch deep in true turquoise waters while you plan your next move.

Staying in Monopoli? You can go straight from sunbathing to an idyllic restaurant in mere minutes.

Lunch in any part of Italy, is next level; with your choice of eatery you can opt for the freshest of salads with veg sourced just around the corner or visit carb heaven with an authentic pasta dish or pizza.

It’s almost impossible to find a Puglian restaurant that doesn’t offer homemade orecchiette. Created in the very county, orecchiette is a shell shaped pasta that works perfectly with any dish, certainly a must try.

Shopping is one of the best past times in Italy in the afternoon. Those who have travelled in the North and South of the country will notice that lack of big chain stores the further down you go. This is mainly due to a lot of big businesses sticking to the big cities but it means that for tourists in Puglia, you have a wide variety of small businesses to visit.

From independent clothes shops to boutiques housing almost anything, the towns and cities of Puglia are overflowing with places to go. Walk of lunch and treat yourself while you’re at it by taking a browse and finding so many one of a kind pieces.

After a long day, a short and scenic drive to Giardini Pistola for an evening of wine tasting is the cherry on the cake of an amazing day in South East Italy.

Take in views of beautiful farm land as far as the eye can see as you try a multitude of wines in one of the Farm’s tasting sessions.

The climate of southern Italy makes it the perfect spot for a summer trip and it’s that same climate that makes the most incredible wine.

After lounging on the beach, strolling through cities or towns, this is where you will truly feel like you’ve been transported back to ancient Italy. The scenery is like something out of a period drama and almost impossible to take your eyes off it.

After a long hot day, it’s so nice to feel the cooling evening breeze as it rolls over their lavender fields.

Before you leave, you can take a piece of Giardini Pistola with you at their Farm Shop. With bottles of the delicious wine you’ve been trying all evening, as well as their high quality olive oil, products made with their lavender or naturally sourced honey, you can take a bit of Puglia back home with you; no matter where you’re going.

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Author: Liam Parker

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