Giardini Pistola offers visitors a day out experience to be remembered – whether to simply to walk around each of the 6 terraces over 2 hectares and enjoy the planting, the flowers, the herbs and the climber covered pergolas.

Or to bring the kids and let them play in the shallow water canal where the water gently flows from the outside to the centre constantly. Or whether it is to come to one of our events and have a picnic on the grass amphitheatre under the early evening stars.

Giardini Pistola is located in the centre of the beautiful and unspoilt Canale Di Pirro valley in the Valle D’Itria, Puglia.

At the Giardini Pistola Farmshop you can also buy organic olive oil, award winning wines from the best local producers at reasonable prices, gorgeous handmade soaps, fresh cut lavender, room diffusers, honey from the farms own beehives and many other artisenal products of Puglia.

Our intention is to create a unique place which all the family can visit and enjoy. A different experience to the beach experience. One that is calm, relaxing, serene and beautiful. Creating memories that will stay with you whether you live in Puglia or are visiting.

We look forward to seeing at Giardini Pistola – the gardens and the shop are open 10am to 8:30pm everyday during the summer.

Signature Events

Saturday Nights

Come join us during our open season for local talent performing every Saturday night.

A night under the stars, with some wine and a garden picnic. See the lineup of artists you can expect this season

Picnic Pop ups

We have a relaxing picnic setup ready for you to enjoy during our weekend music events.

Book an evening to relax in our garden under the stars with a picnic set prepared for you.

Seasonal experiences

Lavender Living

Come join us Every Sunday

Learn something new on your trip to Puglia. We host lavender soap making classes at Giardini Farmshop.

For this workshop we invite Teo Ugone, a local pharmacist in Puglia. To show us how to make natural organic soaps from our olive oil and our lavender essential oil

Limited to selected dates & times.

Wine Tastings

Come join us Every day

Come try out the top 5 best wines produced here in Puglia.

Join Giovanni Aiello & Team Pistola as they delve into the history and tastings of our Giardini wines.

Join us any day of the week during our open season from June 12th - October.

(Giovanni will be available on selected dates only)

Pasta Party

Come learn the true recipe with MARA AND MARINA founders of Dire Fare Gustare.

They share their family recipe with us and all the secrets of Puglia pasta making.

Wrap up the evening by enjoying your hard work with a glass of wine and enjoy the pasta dinner you make together.

Chilli Olive Oil

Come join us Every Thursday

The Italian variety of chili oil (olio al peperoncino) originates from the southern region of Calabria.

We invite you to come and join us , utilizing our garden produce to create Chilli olive oil all from scratch.

Join us and learn our Traditional recipe.

Come Hangout


Small items are only available to ship within Italy, larger quantities are available in Europe and the UK. We offer gift hampers for shipments outside the EU, please do reach out to our team if you have any questions for specific purchase requests.

Masseria Pistola – Primitivo


Tenuta Pistola Olive Oil


Lavender Scented Bags


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Things To Do

Things to do & see Locally

Start your journey in Fanaso Train station or fly in to Decollo Est, and join us at Pistola. You can work your way down to Lecce City for a fun day trip.

Alberobello and the Trulli Zone

Puglia’s most famous sight is the trulli, unique houses with conical roofs found in the area around Alberobello.
(20 min drive from us)

Salento Peninsula (Day trip)

Puglia’s most southern part is the Salento Peninsula. Lots of good beaches dot the coast as well as picturesque towns with architecture reminiscent of Greece like Otranto and Gallipoli.
(1: 17 hour drive from us)

Lecce city

Lecce city in Italy’s southern Apulia region. It’s known for its baroque buildings. In the central Piazza del Duomo, the Cattedrale di Lecce has a double facade and a bell tower.

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